Quick update

I’m gonna need another week off from blogging unfortunately.

Here’s why:

Gotta write an essay on abortion for Ethics class.

Gotta do a scale model of the terrain in which my project will be installed.

Gotta finish up the plans, layouts and what not of my project.

Gotta find time for boxing on Mondays and Wednesdays (yes, I started boxing this week; my whole body is in pain).

Gotta study for a Theory of Architecture test that’s on Thursday.

Gotta finish drawing several angles of a cucumber, in an extremely realistic manner.

Gotta work on a really difficult project for Urban Studies which involves maps, and I hate maps and map-making.

Gotta sleep (ha).

Gotta find time to go on a date with a friend who got me alfajores from Argentina (he owes me, he’s been a douche multiple times).



Lot’s of stuff going on. At least I had time to write this very quickly so I hope there are no spelling mistakes because I’m not gonna proof read, OKAY BYE.


DAMMIT, it’s late again, why is my life being this way. I’m so so so so busy all the time I’m sorry world!

But anyway, here’s another song I found in my old CD’s that I did not remember at all!

Does anyone know this?

I was so shocked when I found this because I hadn’t thought of this song in so long, but as soon as it started playing I realized I still remember all the lyrics.

Way to go, thirteen year old self, good taste in music, gotta say.

FILM WEDNESDAY: The Emperor’s New Groove

This is late again because college. No need to say more huh? #architorture?

Anyway, this movie is one my childhood favorites. Kronk is by far the best character in it. He reminds me of my nice uncle. Kuzco on the other hand reminds me of my annoying uncle. It gives the movie an interesting dynamic in my eyes haha.

Anyway, check it out, it’s cool.

BOOK MONDAY: Fala sério, amor! by Thalita Rebouças

I had to take a break from blogging last week because it was a living hell for me due to college. So many projects to do!!!!! But now they’re done, yay.

So back to business.

Throw back to one of my favorite books growing up by Brazilian author Thalita Rebouças. This book is a collection of stories regarding Malu, a lovely and extremely funny young woman filled with personality and charm. They focus particularly on all the boyfriends she’s had from the age of 7 to 21, and each story is more hilarious than the next.

I still kinda love it after all these years, because it always makes me laugh so much. It puts me in a good mood.

So yeah, go check it out. Not sure if these exist in English, but who knows.

MUSIC FRIDAY: Where’s the Love? by The Black Eyed Peas

Sorry for not posting this yesterday, I had a headache that nearly made my head pop open, but anyway…

So right now in Brazil it is almost time for elections (in fact I was forced by law to work on voting day as a guide/monitor type thing which kinda sucks but oh well). Much to my disdain, the political propaganda happens every single day at around 7:00am and then again at 12:30pm and then again later, and those two first times happen to be the exact times I am heading to and then back from college, and so I have no escaping those stupid politicians telling people a bunch of lies on the radio.

What to do? OLD CDS!!!! WOOHOOO!!

I actually had surprisingly good taste in music when I was 13-ish.

Which brings me to… MUSIC FRIDAY!

I’m going with an oldie today, because it’s what I’ve been listening to lately.

Where’s the Love by The Black Eyed Peas. Still my favorite song by them. The lyrics are amazing. Even my parents love this song, and that’s saying something.

Ah, I miss the old Black Eyed Peas. Now their music has lost all innocence. It’s always sex, drugs, sex, money, sex… What’s happening to the music industry?????


I saw the trailer for this film and OMG I wanna watch it soooo badly!!! It seems like such a cute Sunday film!!!! I’m so excited!

I absolutely love Lilly Collins, too! She has a super exotic look and I think her eyebrows are awesome (go thick eyebrows!!!).

I’m upset though because apparently it’ll only be released in Brazil on January, 2015. In the US it’ll be on October 22nd, 2014!! It’s ridiculous!!! :(

But oh well, I’ll find a way to see it before that :)


BOOK MONDAY (late oops): Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

This is a great book about immortality and life and awesomeness.
It was one of my childhood favorites.
The film is great, too. A little different from the book since the main character, Winnie, is aged a bit (in the book she is only ten years old, while in the film, a romance, she is a young woman).
Read it!
Then watch it!