FILM WEDNESDAY: Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay, so this is going to sound like an excuse, but I swear I wasn’t planning on watching this, and not because of any big reason (like some people refuse to watch it because they think it’s absurd and all that jazz, although I find that a little exaggerated and that it’s simply another one of the thousands of sex crazy Hollywood crap-movies). It was just because it didn’t spark my interest (like, I thought it was about vampires… dude).

Anyway, what happened is last Friday my friends and I decided to go to the movies and after about an hour one of them finally convinced the rest of us to go watch the so talked-of Fifty Shades of Grey, just for the heck of it.

And so there we went.

Honest to God, I was dozing off after about thirty minutes, partly because I was really tired but also because the girl who plays Anastasia is SO FREAKIN BORING, OMG. Seriously, she’s just like Twilight’s Bella, sort of robotic and expressionless… Dumb, really. And the guy isn’t that good either; he always has that same semi-psychotic look on his face, and his right eye keeps twitching, it’s annoying.

And I didn’t think the couple had that much chemistry. It was more awkward than romantic between them, and the fact Christian Grey is a messed up mother fucker who should be locked up and Anastasia is an idiot didn’t help at all.

As for the ever-so-commented sex scenes, apart from the first one which I admit was pretty good in the sense that it was quite the realistic portrayal of virginity loss, I thought the rest were pretty lame. Sure, I guess for people who are into the whole *tie me up* shit, it should be extremely erotic and I get why all the horny women out there were excited to see that materialize on screen, but in the film it’s just so messed up and awkward that all I could think as I was watching was Why??? How did these actors agree to this? Why am I watching this? My personal favorite (and by favorite I mean, the most pathetic) is the scene where Christian tells Anastasia to kneel down with her back to him, and then just goes out for a stroll and takes forever to come back, kinda like, “Hey, I’m just gonna take care of some things in Tokyo, but I’ll be right back, hold on tight.” And Anastasia is just like *insert robot voice* “yes master.”

Trust me, it’s really lame. If you wanna know the truth, five minutes of Game of Thrones will turn you on WAY MORE than this entire film, if that’s what you’re going for. And if you’re going for watching something romantic, anything else is better than this. Except for Twilight haha.

Anyway, so that’s what I thought. The only positive thing about the film was it’s soundtrack; that was pretty amazing. Also, the scene where Christian takes Anastasia flying on the motor-less airplane thing was decent, too.


OUTFIT MONDAY: Lilly Collins

First I’d like to say that I think Lilly Collins is absolutely gorgeous. She’s got such an exotic look, which is super refreshing. And go thick eyebrows!!!!

I also really like her style. Check it out:


(LOVE this casual, bohemian look so much)

Such strong features: dark, thick eyebrows, dark hair, red lipstick, super white skin… Not everyone can pull off that look! You go Lilly Collins.

MUSIC FRIDAY: Marchin’ On by One Republic

I love this song; something about it makes me feel stronger, indestructible.

It’s probably the lyrics, saying that no matter what happens we need to keep marching on, and the marching feel of the rhythm intensifies that vibe even more.

One Republic is such a talented band, too. I also really like All The Right Moves, Stop and Stare, Secrets and Won’t Stop. Oh, and Good Life is great, too!!!

Check them out!


This was one of my favorite films growing up. It’s surprisingly good for a Disney type thing, and definitely more realistic and touching than the crap we see today. The characters are actually normal, for starters, with real problems and challenges. The story for once is not about love, or about a loser who falls in love with the prom king jock; it’s about passion, about working hard for what you want, for what you dream of, and, in doing that, finally living a fulfilling and complete life.

I feel like Disney has forgotten that high school isn’t just about who’s going to be prom queen or who’s going to date the jock. There are kids with other worries on their minds, and lately they haven’t been portraying that much. They always tell the same story, and keep creating some really annoying, obnoxious and shallow characters in my opinion.

Also, what’s up with everyone dressing so fancy to school? No one dresses that fancy to school!!! No one!!! Ice Princess is one of the only Disney films I’ve ever seen that portrays people in normal clothes, not just at school, but at parties as well. YES, THERE’S A REALISTIC HOUSE PARTY IN THIS FILM! It’s impressive.

Anyway, I watched this the other day and realized I actually missed it a bit, so here’s me sharing that with you :)


OUTFIT MONDAY (late oopsie daisy): The Downton Abbey women

My mother and I are absolutely obsessed with the British period drama series, Downton Abbey. It is flawless, not only for its fantastic cast, but also for its scenery, costumes and setting; everything is perfect!

I love period dramas because I really enjoy seeing what kinds of clothes people used to wear, particularly women, and what were the customs of different generations.

Downton Abbey is the best series for me because part of its objective is to depict the changes in values and expectations of women as time went by, starting in the 1912 and now reaching 1924. In the series it is shown that a lot of these changes are particularly due to the first World War, and also the young, revolutionary spirit that takes over Europe after it is finally over. Women finally start getting some well deserved respect and consideration!

Here is a lovely picture of the women of Downton, all powerful and incredible in their own way:

Here are pictures of my favorite characters in their costumes:

And of course we cannot forget the servants, who perhaps don’t have the luxury of wearing gorgeous gowns, but are equally as beautiful and amazing:

And then there is, BY FAR, my favorite character in the show: THE BADASS ONE AND ONLY NO TIME FOR BULLSHIT FABULOUS LADY GRANTHAM!!!!!!


Anyway, hope you guys liked this and check out this amazing series!

*** I do not own any of the images above, click on them to see where they’re from :)

FILM WEDNESDAY: Across the Universe

This is by far one of my favorite musicals of all times. First because I love the Beatles, and the story is told through their music. Second because I love any film related to the Cold War, and this one focuses particularly on the 60’s/70’s hippies’ fight for peace in Vietnam. It perfectly portrays the revolutionary spirit that was strong in the hearts of American youth at the time, and the music is incredible (who better than the Beatles to capture that vibe?).

I also really like the actors in the film, and I have some favorites. Dana Fuchs plays the talented and sexy Sadie, and my, my, can she sing! Martin Luther McCoy plays Jojo, the one guitar player in New York who plays with enough soul to win over Sadie’s heart. Eddie Izzard, though having a short appearance in the film, does a fantastic job playing the celebrated Mr. Kite.

But my favorite character (and probably also the most good looking of the bunch) is Max, played by Joe Anderson. He is such an interesting addition to the story, for he is incredibly intelligent, but so absolutely uninterested in making a big deal out of that. He could be the most successful student in Princeton University if he wanted to, but really all he cares about is having fun and living life to the fullest in the most simple way he can, which of course infuriates his (extremely conservative) parents.

When he is drafted to fight in Vietnam, he gets a hell of a wake up call, and even though heading out there partly destroys him (which makes his character even more interesting) it also finally awakens a purpose in him: to fight for peace alongside his beloved friends.