MUSIC FRIDAY: One More Time by Daft Punk

I’m in a celebratory mood since I have finally turned in my project for architorture, check it ooouuttt:


(It looks crooked but I swear it’s not, it’s just the picture angle).

That’s just a sketch of what it looks like, and really I had to do another 14 drawings along with that one (that’s architorture – don’t do it!!!!!) Even though I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped for (I mean, for God’s sake, I spent five days and nights doing nothing but drawing and drawing and drawing – ON A HOLIDAY MIND YOU), the good thing is the torture is over now. I could finally get some long needed rest/beauty sleep (I looked like a zombie), and tonight I’m gonna have a blast with my friends cause we’re going out to celebrate our short period of freedom before the next horrific assignment swallows us whole!!!!! WOOOOOO WOOP WOOP

ANYWAY, so to keep up with my lifted spirits, how about some nice old Daft Punk, a throw back to One More Time, a hit that always gets me dancing :D Byeeeeeeeee


My blog has been an embarassment lately, and I’m so sorry! I’ve been super busy with college work and that’s why I haven’t posted anything in forever. But hey, check out one of my projects:

It’s my voice narrating it, and it’s in portuguese! :) It’s about one of Mies Van Der Rohe’s projects in Stuttgart, Germany (for those who don’t know, he’s a very famous architect).

Anyway, I’m also very close to finishing a house I’m designing (SO MUCH WOOOORK) and tomorrow I’m turning in a proposal I’ve created with a group of classmates for Urban Design.

Hopefully when this week is over I can dedicate more time to my blog :) .


FILM WEDNESDAY: Kingsman: The Secret Service


Okay, can I say that I absolutely LOVED that the villain has a lisp???? Because I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just why is the film so great? I came in expecting nothing and came out so satisfied!

First of all, Colin Firth is a lord, the face of grace and sophistication, the perfect embodiment of a gentleman, the freakin’ mothership of British actors. I always love his films, so seeing him in this one was definitely something I was looking forward to. I really liked him in a more action-packed type film, because usually he does more calm roles–he tends to play politicians or lords or kings even, because he’s all regal and awesome. He did amazing in the fight scenes, which I wasn’t expecting.

Then there’s Taron Egerton, who is, may I say, a total BABE. Anyway, he’s really funny and I love the whole rugged English boy thing he’s got going on. I’m just not a huge fan of the hats and the jordans… But whatever, to each their style.

Finally, like I mentioned earlier, there is the lisp-villain. OMFG. This guy. I mean, he had to be great; it’s Samuel Jackson for crying out loud. The part where he serves McDonalds to freakin’ Colin Firth man, who does that?!?! Collin Firth eats like, I don’t know, caviar and shit, but no, no, Sam has got him some BigMacs haha, this film dude.

Look at him man, just look at that face! Cutest villain ever. In this particular picture his line (as I’m sure you can imagine) was: “Do I look like I give a fuck?” Aw, if you weren’t a messed up monster I’d be your friend bud, we’d give zero fucks together :’D.


*****The images above are not mine; click on them to see where they’re from :)

OUTFIT MONDAY: Cara Delevingne

I love Cara Delevingne, not just her style and her outfits, but also her cheerful, goofy, confident personality. Not to count she is so beautiful, and, like Lilly Collins, rocks the thick eyebrows!

Here are some outfits I found that I thought looked pretty cool:

*** I do not own any of these pictures, click on them to see where they’re from.

MUSIC FRIDAY: Same Love version by Macklemore ft. Ed Sheeran

This song is powerful. The lyrics are amazing and the mix of Ed Sheeran’s and Macklemore’s voices is perfect.

It talks about homosexuality and love, prejudice and stereotypes, and, of course, racism. It says what everyone by now should know: people are the same, there is no difference, and their rights should be equal under God and under the Law. There is no other truth.

In fact, the song has been so impacting, it was chosen as the soundtrack to a video that portrays love in a very special way (check it out below). The video is part of a campaign that preaches love as having no labels, no boundaries, no limits; it has no gender, it has no race, it has no age, it has no disabilities. Really cool.

There’s also a more dancy, electronic version of it by De Hofnar:

Anyway, hope you guys like all three of these because I absolutely love them!

BYE! Keep lovin’.


This Argentine film is crazy weird but so sweet at the same time. It takes a little while to become interesting, but keep watching because it gets really cool, I promise. The ending is just perfect!!!!!

And hey, there are “where’s Wally” references, and architects, and frustrated computer nerds, and romance, and awkward dates… all the good stuff! Haha.




Johnny freakin’ Depp.

Most stylish man on earth perhaps. He’s an even better Jack Sparrow in real life than he is on film (because, hey, it’s undeniable: just like Robert Downey Jr. IS the Iron Man, Johnny Depp simply IS Jack Sparrow).

He is so ridiculously cool. I don’t think there’s a single person in this world who thinks otherwise.

Check out these outfits for the love of all that’s beautiful:




**Click on the images to see where they’re from.