So I was talking to my mom on Monday about my pathetic love life and how I thought I had found the right guy (kinda ugly but not an asshole and fun to talk to; also not weird in the bad way, only in the good way, etc) BUT THEN, THIS GUY, YOU GUYS, THIS GUY, IS TALKING TO ME ON FRIDAY OF LAST WEEK, AND SO HE’S LIKE:

“Yeah.. tomorrow I’m gonna pick up my cub.”

Innocent me thought, awww he got a pet or something

BUT THEN THIS GUYS YOU GUYS, SAYS: “No, no haha. I have a one year old son.”



So when the guys aren’t jerks, or gross, or too weird for words, THEY ARE FATHERS OF TINY CHILDREN.

I’m twenty years old, goddammit. I don’t have time for this shit!

So yeah, the twenty three year old guy I was seeing has a son, and I can’t handle that, so off to the next candidate.

HOWEVER, this whole story was to say that when I told my mom about this I was like: “Well, that’s just my luck.”


So I did just that, and it was amazing. I’d forgotten how cute that film is. It’s with the fabulous (and still normal at the time) Lindsay Lohan and the adorable Chris Pine, so that’s reason enough to grab some popcorn already.

In it, Lohan plays the super lucky and perfect Ashley, who ends up losing her luck to a super UNlucky Jake (Pine) when kissing him at a masquerade party. When she realizes what happened, she goes on a wild search to find him and take her luck back. Only problem is… she has no idea who he is!

Watch to see what happens!!!!!

Here’s the trailer:



Paris attack: my view

Do not misunderstand this post. The attack on Paris was an absolutely horrific and tragic event. It was the killing of innocent people and therefore it was wrong and disgusting.

However, it bothers me profoundly that it caused such an uproar.

A terrorist attack was also held in Beirut, Lebanon, only hours apart from the one in the French capital. How com no one’s talking about that? How come the media isn’t giving that constant coverage? How come Facebook isn’t asking people to change their profile pictures into the Lebanese flag to show support?

Middle Eastern and African countries have been dealing with war and terror for years now, and no one had ever given them a second thought, except for accounting them responsible for a fight they are clearly not responsible for. In fact, their war became pretty much habitual; the world simply got used to it, and turned their backs.

It took an entire country worth of refugees coming in from Syria and into the European Union for world leaders to finally start intervening in this fight and offering minimum support.

It took a little boy rolling onto Turkish shore, dead, for the world and the media to give the sorrow and despair of these families some attention, and even then most of it was only through a pathetic “Like” on Facebook.

And it took having the attacks being made on white, European individuals for people to finally feel what these refugees have been feeling all along: constant and indescribable fear.

They’ve been begging for understanding and for help from world leaders for what seems like an eternity, but no one truly heard them until it was the white supremacy that was put at risk.

The grave mistake of European and American leaders was thinking this war they very much helped create, and then fueled and refused to end, could never reach them. But they grew to find that the terror lies in their own territory. It is a fear that has now become theirs, and has found its into what they thought was their indestructible, perfect Western world.

And when this means that the people dying aren’t just Ahmed’s and Ali’s anymore, but George’s and Claude’s, it is suddenly so vital that the world fights against this attack on humanity.

Yes, my heart and prayers are with the people of Paris.

But they are also with the people of Lebanon.

And with all the people of the Arab world, ever misjudged and antagonized.

And with all of the people of the African world, ever abandoned and abused.

Let’s make sure they, too, get the attention they deserve.

My Computer Broke

So I was trying to write regularly here again, because like I said on a previous post, I was struggling a little with a bad time in my life and all that jazz. And I really was doing just that; writing again, drawing again, playing guitar again, living again.

But then my computer broke last week and it has been a total hassle because everything I do in college depends on that stupid machine, so I’m struggling haha.

Unfortunately, this is leaving me with little time to write here :(

But I figured I had to post about why I haven’t been posting anything lately, haha, and at least it’s not because I’m depressed again (well, I am a little, but this time it’s not enough to stop me from writing :), thankfully).

So yeah, I hope to be back soon!


MUSIC FRIDAY: Something in the Air by Seafret

For anyone out there who likes bands like Imagine Dragons, Vance Joy or The Lumineers, not only do I fully approve of your musical taste, I also feel like you would love this band I recently discovered called Seafret.

They’ve got some really cute, chill songs, and the singer’s voice is very similar to Vance Joy’s. I really like the songs Atlantis, Oceans, and Give Me Something, but my absolute favorite is Something in the Air.

It’s got the sweetest vibe to it, almost soothing in a way, with it’s delicate guitar bit in the beginning and such lovely lyrics.

Check them out!

BAI :)

FILM WEDNESDAY: My Afternoons With Margueritte

When french films decide to be emotional, they get really freakin’ emotional, and that is absolutely the case with My Afternoons With Margueritte. I watched this with my mom a little while ago, and it made me all warm and happy inside. Totally recommend it.

The story is about a young man, Germain, who is a little different from the others; he just has a bit more trouble thinking about things and understanding them. It doesn’t help at all that his bitter mother treats him like an idiot (it makes him think he really is one, which is far from the truth). Also, no matter what his teachers did in his school years, it all came down to the fact that he simply cannot read. Not if his life depends on it.

Despite all, people still like him for his endearing and pure personality, and for his unyielding loyalty. He is just one of those truly good people, and even though he sometimes says the wrong thing, they know it is always with the best of intentions.

One afternoon (quite a frustrating one for this poor fellow), he decides to relax a little at a park bench, where he sometimes goes to watch pigeons (he in fact gave each pigeon a name, and knows them apart). There, he meets 95-year old Margueritte, and so begins an unexpected and lovely friendship between the two.

Margueritte loves to read; she has read every book a person can think of, and when she meets Germain, she decides she will read those books to him, since he cannot do that himself. She also decides she will try to teach him how to read, even if everyone else has given up.

Watch to see what happens!!! :) It’s really beautiful, I promise. You will be touched by how the story unfolds. Not to count that Germain is played by none other than the legend, Gérard Depardieu, which is reason enough to watch anything.


Shitty times

Sorry I disappeared people who still read this if there is anyone left at all.

I’m going through something.

I don’t know exactly what.

I’m just incredibly sad and lost and confused.

I used to love writing and drawing and playing music.. Now nothing seems to matter anymore. All I want to do is sleep and sleep, sleep everything away.

Maybe I’m depressed or, like my mother would say, I’m complaining with a full plate in my hands.

I guess she’s right. I feel very blessed for the life I’ve been given. I really do.

But I think what is making me sad is the rest of the world. What’s the point of my life if everything else is just falling apart around me?

The more I understand the world, the more miserable it makes me feel.

People have become fake, empty, selfish and ignorant zombies. Children starving or dying victims to senseless wars and no one does anything. Enough money in the world to feed everyone, but it stays in the pockets of a handful of filthy, rich, miserable parasites, who feast on every one else’s unfortunate dependency on money to survive the sick system that is capitalism. Men and women subjecting themselves everyday to conditions no one should ever be forced to live under, only to have maybe a loaf of bread to share with their family at night.

And then I sit here with this computer in my hands, feeling lonelier than ever, in perhaps the worst year of my life, and yet I’m doing nothing to change any this. Nothing to change my unhappiness, and nothing to change the unhappiness that seems to be slowly swallowing up the world, and that therapists and psychologists insist can be cured with some diabolical little pill they’ve invented.

But pills won’t solve anything.

Pills will only quiet the pain. And perhaps we should listen to that pain instead of running from it. Maybe that pain is there to force us to do something about it.

I wish I had the strength to do something about it. About all of this shit.

But honestly, I feel powerless.

Powerless and alone.

And I don’t know how to change that.

Sorry for the depressing post (especially since I haven’t posted anything in so long).

I’m going to try to go back to writing here. I really will.

K, bye.

Why I’ve been the worst blogger alive

Hi guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything in about three weeks.

It’s really because I’ve been so so busy!

First, finals in college kept me sitting at my desk doing endless projects for about a week and a half, barely giving me time to rest. Thankfully good friends would force me to give it a break and take me places so I could distract myself a little. In the end I passed all my classes, some with a bit of difficulty, but what’s college without some stress, huh?

Here are two pictures of one of my projects:

2015-06-16 18.32.20

The picture is a bit crooked but this is the main facade of the house I designed.2015-06-16 18.31.25This is a side view of it.

Unfortunately, my professor this semester really put me down. He was very harsh, and ended up making me doubt if I am a good enough architect. I’m not going to give up, but I must admit I was very sad with everything. I’d put in a tremendous effort into my work, and he wouldn’t really ever acknowledge it. Yes, I made a few mistakes that perhaps the others (my class in particular had some very nerdy students, might I add) weren’t making anymore, but I wish he’d taken into account all my other personal achievements.

Anyway, during these first two weeks of holiday I was very unenthusiastic about my choice in career, and decided to keep myself busy by finally giving my room the fix up it was needing. So much stuff needed to be thrown away or donated to someone. It took me three days to go through only one of the closets (the one where I’d still kept some old high school books for Christ’s sake haha).

Now I need to design the new furniture, also for my room, since I don’t have a desk at the moment nor a place to store my shoes. It’s going to be fun to design them myself; finally put some of what I learned into practice.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the beach with my mom and a friend from college; my dad will be heading there a little after. I haven’t been there in about five months; my dad has been ill and so my mom and I didn’t want to go without him and leave him in the city wishing he were with us. I’m really excited.

My friend and I will be going in uniform, per se. Our college hoodies have finally arrived, and so we’ll be wearing them a lot at the beach (it’s a bit cold after all). We’re very excited :D

Anyway, I hope to be posting my weekly blogs again next week. I missed this; sometimes I get so caught up on architecture that I forget how much I love writing.

So that’s that.