Why I’ve been the worst blogger alive

Hi guys! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything in about three weeks.

It’s really because I’ve been so so busy!

First, finals in college kept me sitting at my desk doing endless projects for about a week and a half, barely giving me time to rest. Thankfully good friends would force me to give it a break and take me places so I could distract myself a little. In the end I passed all my classes, some with a bit of difficulty, but what’s college without some stress, huh?

Here are two pictures of one of my projects:

2015-06-16 18.32.20

The picture is a bit crooked but this is the main facade of the house I designed.2015-06-16 18.31.25This is a side view of it.

Unfortunately, my professor this semester really put me down. He was very harsh, and ended up making me doubt if I am a good enough architect. I’m not going to give up, but I must admit I was very sad with everything. I’d put in a tremendous effort into my work, and he wouldn’t really ever acknowledge it. Yes, I made a few mistakes that perhaps the others (my class in particular had some very nerdy students, might I add) weren’t making anymore, but I wish he’d taken into account all my other personal achievements.

Anyway, during these first two weeks of holiday I was very unenthusiastic about my choice in career, and decided to keep myself busy by finally giving my room the fix up it was needing. So much stuff needed to be thrown away or donated to someone. It took me three days to go through only one of the closets (the one where I’d still kept some old high school books for Christ’s sake haha).

Now I need to design the new furniture, also for my room, since I don’t have a desk at the moment nor a place to store my shoes. It’s going to be fun to design them myself; finally put some of what I learned into practice.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the beach with my mom and a friend from college; my dad will be heading there a little after. I haven’t been there in about five months; my dad has been ill and so my mom and I didn’t want to go without him and leave him in the city wishing he were with us. I’m really excited.

My friend and I will be going in uniform, per se. Our college hoodies have finally arrived, and so we’ll be wearing them a lot at the beach (it’s a bit cold after all). We’re very excited :D

Anyway, I hope to be posting my weekly blogs again next week. I missed this; sometimes I get so caught up on architecture that I forget how much I love writing.

So that’s that.



I’ve got to admit that when I sat down to watch this film for the very first time I thought it was gonna be some lame, stupid-jokes-packed, typical American comedy, with the same old cliché story line about an awkward boy who falls in love with a hot girl and defies all odds by finally winning her heart in the end of the story.

I was surprised to find that it is nothing like that at all.

This film is actually extremely sensitive, and portrays some very difficult life situations involving especially family issues that most of us will go through at some point in life or are going through already. It’s very different from other coming of age films, and so, so sweet. I don’t know why but it really moved me.

Duncan, the main character, does not get better because of a girl, like most teenage protagonists tend to be portrayed doing in basically 99% of films nowadays. He gets better because of his new and amazing group of friends, who help him finally step out of his comfort zone and do something completely different and much more rewarding than just moping around with his time

Watch it. Seriously. You’ll find it endearing, I promise.

OUTFIT MONDAY: Alessandra Ambrósio

Let’s celebrate my country for no reason by going with a Brazilian fashion icon today, the model, Alessandra Ambrósio. Although I do find her a bit too skinny (actually, that’s just me being nice, SHE IS SO FREAKIN SKINNY IT’S UNHEALTHY EAT WOMAN), I love her outfits and I think she has a beautiful, exotic look. Check out some things I found:

This is a very cute summer look, and in fact here in Brazil it is what pretty much every girl wears in the scorching hot days of December, January and carnavalesque February.

Love those boots and I always dig that shade of blue of her shirt on anyone, although I do think it looks great on brunettes especially.

Those pants are AWESOME. Loved this look; simple, yet stylish as hell.

First, CUTE BABY. Second, love the denim dress. It looks comfy without losing the pretty-factor. The scarf breaks the blueness a bit, which is a nice contrast, and matches the sandals.

Lastly, this more autumny look is perfect for the current weather here in São Paulo. Loved the boots, and the leather jacket looks really badass.

That’s it guys, BYE!!!!

*** I do not own any of those pictures, click on them to see where they’re from! ***



So I saw this post here today and found it absolutely hilarious because it sums up my architecture life perfectly. This major is driving me completely insane, and I don’t even want to know how much of my soul will be gone by the time this nightmare is over and I finally graduate.

Anyway, that’s why I decided to talk about Despicable Me today! This movie is really cute and funny, and I love all the characters! Also, I wish I had a freakin’ minion.

Here are some of my favorite bits:


AGNESSSSS <3 <3 <3



Haha yeah, I love them. Check out the trailers of the first and second movies:



So this weekend (well, really it was Thursday the 30th of April, but considering it was a holiday it was basically a weekend to me already), I had a costume party, and after careful consideration (I decided to go on the day of so I had an hour to pick a costume at the first crappy store I found), I decided to go as a bee. I bought striped black and yellow tights, yellow overalls and little antlers, and then put those together with a black shirt and a cute yellow skirt I already had at home, along with my friend’s borrowed black boots.

I think it looked nice, so I’ll share it with you guys here :)